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Text Block Writer is a virtual index card system, developed by SoftwarebyBrian
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Text Block Writer is a virtual index card system, developed by SoftwarebyBrian.com, that helps writers, or those who often deal with large amounts of texts, to organize research articles, papers, fiction or non-fiction books, and everything related to writing.
The application offers a lot of options to help writers in their daily task, through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The idea is quite straightforward: by means of Blocks, like the notes or indexes that writers usually use, this tool can help you have an overall view of your writing, thus allowing you to arrange your ideas better placing blocks in any of the columns. To create a block, simply click on the NewBlock button at the toolbar. Blocks can be dragged and moved among columns, you can change font size and color for the text inside blocks, or change the block’s color. You can also perform a number of actions for block groups. In addition, there are several shortcuts for common actions.
Once you have organized your blocks, headings or notes, you can export them into an .rtf file which can be opened by any word processor.
Apart from being useful, easy to use, and powerful, it is absolutely free. All Text Block Writer requires is to work is .NET framework 2.0.

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